Seinäjoki is a city in Finland and the provincial center of Southern Ostrobothnia, located on both sides of the river of the same name. The population of Seinäjoki is 63,913 (June 30, 2020). Seinäjoki is the provincial center with the longest continuous population growth in Finland. The city’s population has grown every year since the early 1950s.

The Seinäjoki area originally belonged to the parish of Ilmajoki. With Östermyra's Rautaruukki, a regional industrial and settlement center was created in the Törnävä region in the 19th century. Seinäjoki gained independent municipal administration in 1868. With the Ostrobothnian line, a station village was created in Seinäjoki, which later developed into a densely populated community. In 1931, Seinäjoki was divided into a township and a rural municipality. In 1960, the countryside and the township merged into the city of Seinäjoki, which was one of the first six so-called from the new city. Peräseinäjoki joined the Seinäjoki River in 2005 and Nurmo and Ylistaro in 2009.

On the southern edge of the center of Seinäjoki, the cityscape is dominated by a building group designed by Alvar Aalto, the Aaltokeskus, which consists of the Lakeuden Rist Church, the town hall, the two-part main library and the city theater. The Seinäjoki has been described as a spiritual crossroads where the effects of several different awakening movements have been met.

Seinäjoki has a strong SME field and a diverse industry distribution. The city is considered the number one city for entrepreneurship. In 2020, Seinäjoki was awarded for the third time in a row as the best entrepreneurial city in the series of large cities. Ideapark Seinäjoki, located in Joupi in Seinäjoki, is the seventh largest shopping center in Finland.

The city is also known as a city of events and sports. The biggest annual events are the Seinäjoki Tango Market, the Province, the Speed ​​Tracks and the Solar Sound Festival. The sports teams playing in the main series are the floorball teams Seinäjoki Brothers and Nurmon Jymy. Nurmon Jymy also plays in the women's volleyball championship league. Seinäjoki Football Club plays in the Football Veikkausliiga, and Seinäjoki JymyJussi and Seinäjoki Maila-Jussi play in the Superpesis. The regional newspaper Ilkka-Pohjalainen and the city newspapers Epari and Seinäjoki Sanomat are published in Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki is the administrative center of Southern Ostrobothnia. The city is home to e.g. The Association of Southern Ostrobothnia, the Southern Ostrobothnia ELY Center, the Southern Ostrobothnia Employment and Economic Development Office and the provincial central hospital. Of the government agencies, the Food Agency is located in Seinäjoki. Research and education in the city are provided by Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and Seinäjoki University Center. The University of Applied Sciences and the University Center operate in the business and technology center Fram, which is located in the city center and also has about a hundred companies. Supported by a network of researchers and developers, Seinäjoki has developed into a business concentration of agro-economy and food systems.