Tervola is a municipality in the southwestern part of the province of Lapland. The municipality is home to 3,003 people and covers an area of 1,592.02 km2, of which 32.29 km2 are water bodies. The population density is 1.93 inhabitants / km2.

The neighboring municipalities are Keminmaa, Ranua, Rovaniemi, Simo, Tornio and Ylitornio. Tervola is located between Kemi and Rovaniemi, about 75 kilometers from the center of Tervola and about 45 kilometers from Kemi.

The parties that hold power in Tervola in the municipal council are the Center Party and the Left Alliance. In the long run, the municipality is divided into a political center and the left.



Highway 4 runs through the municipality on the west side of the Kemijoki River and Seututie 926 on the east side of the river and is referred to as the "east side road". Rovaniemi can be reached from the center of Tervola by two roads, either a four-lane road or an eastern halfway. Along both, the distance is about 75 km.

There are three roads to Keminmaa. Either the four-lane road, the regional road 926 or the road number 9291 passing through Paakkola, which is also called the "western road". It is 37km to Keminmaa via the quads or the west. The eastern side of the road about 45 km. Regional road 929 also departs from Tervola via Mellakoski to Ylitornio, where the distance is 87 km. Ylitornio can also be reached via Arpela, regional road 927. Through this, the same distance is accumulated 87 km, if you straighten through the village of Aapajoki. The fastest route to Tornio is Highway 4 + Highway 29. Along the highways, the distance to Tornio is 51 km and via Arpela 52 km. In terms of time, the highway is only a few minutes faster.

From the center of Tervola, the regional road 923 leaves through Sompujärvi to the village of Simon Alaniemi. The road is partly gravel.

Tervola is located along the Laurila-Kelloselkä line, and almost all VR passenger trains running on the line stop at Tervola railway station. There are several train shifts per day. There are also several bus services from Kemi and Rovaniemi per day. The main operator was Veljekset Salmela Oy.