Ylitornio (Swedish: Övertorneå) is a Finnish municipality located in the southwestern part of Lapland. The municipality is home to 3,905 people and covers an area of 2,212.47 km2, of which 184.43 km2 are water bodies. The population density is 1.93 inhabitants / km2. The neighboring municipalities are Pello, Rovaniemi, Tervola and Tornio on the Finnish side and Övertorneå on the Swedish side.

The Ylitornio of Finland (and Pello) and the Ylitornio of Sweden formed one unified parish before 1809, when the border of peace in Hamina divided it in two. At that time, the current Pello also belonged to the parish of Ylitornio.

The name Ylitornio bends in foreign local places (Ylitornio, Ylitornio, Ylitornio) unlike its neighbor Tornio (in local places in Tornio, Tornio, Tornio).



About 10 kilometers north of the municipal center is a 242 meter high danger, Aavasaksa, which is one of Finland's 27 official national landscapes. In Aavasaksa you will find a café-restaurant, a ski resort and accommodation services. The municipal center is located in the lush Tornio River Valley, which is a traditional farmland. The landscape is dominated by the Torniojoki River and rugged dangerous landscapes.



The Finnish side of Ylitornio and Övertorneå Sweden side together form a historically, linguistically and culturally unique entity. Three languages ​​are spoken in the region: Finnish, Swedish and Meänkieli.

Ylitornio has good road connections. Highway 21 runs west of the municipal center, and Kylänraitti itself, Alkkulanraitti, runs right in the immediate vicinity of the highway. All services and services can be found in the service concentration of the Raitti arm in a strip-like setting. Ylitornio has a border crossing point on the Swedish side in the village of Aavasaksa, and regional roads 932 to Raanujärvi and 930 via Mellakoski to Muurola also leave from Aavasaksa. Seututie 929 also branches from Mellakoski to Tervola. It is 63 kilometers along Highway 21 to Tornio and 60 kilometers to Pello. On the Swedish side, the center of Övertorneå to Matarenk is about 8 kilometers from the center of Ylitornio.

Ylitornio has a railway station where all VR passenger trains to and from Kolari stop.