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Arolsen Castle (Residenzschloss Arolsen)

Arolsen Castle was constructed in the 18th century as a private residence of Waldeck and Pyrmont family.




Location: Bad Arolsen, Hesse  Map

Built: early 18th century

Tel. +49 5691 895526

Official site




Description of Arolsen Castle


The lands of Arolsen Castle were originally home to a medieval Catholic monastery, but after it was secularized it was abandoned by its former residents. Arolsen Castle was finally removed in 1710 to make room to a family house. Arolson Castle was home to several generations of this noble family. Also it was a birth place of Queen consort Emma of Netherlands (2 August 1858 – 20 March 1934). Today the mansion is open to the public. It is notable for its huge library that is known as "Prince Waldecksche Court Library" that was completed in 1840. It is famous for its extended collection of 18th century literature.









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