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Auerbach Castle

Auerbach Castle

Auerbach Castle is located in the Southern Hesse region in Germany.



Location: Hesse   Map

Construction: started in 1222

First owner: Diether IV of Katzenelnbogen

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Description of Auerbach Castle


The original Auerbach Castle was constructed on the site by Emperor Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1222 it was completely reconstructed by Diether IV of the Katzenelnbogen dynasty. During the Thirty Years' War the Auerbach Castle was badly damaged, greatly undermining its military role. Its last straw was Franco-Dutch War (1672–1679), when in 1674 French Marshal Turenne stormed the military citadel killing civilians that looked for safety inside its ruins. Military fortifications of the Auerbach Castle fell in disrepair. It underwent renovations in the late 1980's and open to the public.










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