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Bavarian Forest National Park (Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald)

Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park is locate in Bavaria region of Germany. Bavarian Forest National Park covers an area of 240 km2. Along with natural bio reserve on the side of the Czech Republic it comprises one of the largest continuous stretch of forest. Created in 1970, it was the first national park in Germany. Bavarian Forest is one of the few pristine virgin expanses from a massive Hercynian Forest that served as a natural boundary between the Roman Empire and Germanic tribes.




Location: Bavaria Map


Area: 240 km2






The most popular time to visit Bavarian Forest National Park is usually in the summer months. It contains a hiking trail network with a total length of 186 miles or 300 kilometres and cycling paths with a total length of 124 miles or 200 kilometres. However winter period is just good as well. There are numerous trails available for cross- county skiing (total length of 50 miles or 80 kilometres), snowshoeing and other activities.

Silberberg Mine (Bavarian Forest National Park)


Open: March- Oct: 10am- 4pm daily

July-Aug: 9am- 4:45pm daily

Jan- March: 12- 2pm Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat

Admission fee: €5.50

Silberberg Mine is located about 2 km South East of Bodenmais within boundaries of Bavarian Forest National Park. Mining in the Silberberg (Silver mountain) began in the early 14th century (1311 or 1313). More than 60 different minerals and metals were mined here. Over centuries the underground system was expanded and improved. This mine was finally abandoned in 1962 and today it is open to the public. You can get to the bottom in the mountain and take a cable car to the top at the elevation of 955 meter (3,133 feet). You can take a hike that might take between an hour and two hours. There is also a petting zoo and children's playground near the entrance of the main mine.

A long 600 meter Barbara gallery leads tourists inside the mountain. The temperature gradually decreases and becomes fairly cool so taking warm clothes with you is important throughout a year. Eventually you reach a large hall called "Großer Barbaraverhau". Many mining tools and machines were left inside the galleries so you can trace their evolution.

Weißenstein Castle (Bavarian Forest National Park)


Weißenstein Castle is stands on a 758 meter high quartz rock in the district of Regen in Bavarian Forest. It was constructed in the 12th century by Earls von Bogen. After the family have died out it was sold to the Bavarian dukes. The citadel was badly damaged during the Thirty Years' War in 1633 by the maraudering Swedish troops.











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