Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital

Beelitz Military Hospital




Location: Brandenburg     Map

Constructed: 1898

Architect: Heino Schmieden

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History of Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital

Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital is located in Brandenburg in Germany. It is an abandoned military hospital that over course of its history served German and later Soviet army. Its most famous patient was none other, but Adolf Hitler, who was sent here after receiving wounds during a battle in a World War I. Locals and visitors alike claim of strange sightings of paranormal activity that is said to occur on the grounds of Beelitz Military Hospital.

Beelitz Military Hospital was constructed in 1898 under supervision of an architect Heino Schmieden. It was part of a massive construction project intended to treat ordinary Berlin workers. Beelitz was certainly the largest in the region. Medical complex covered an area of over 200 ha and included about 60 buildings. This included living quarters for patients, building for serious surgical operations, psychiatric hospital and even a shooting range. North buildings of Beelitz complex was designated for patients with Tuberculosis, a deadly communicable disease that cut millions across the World. In the World before the antibiotics it was virtually a death sentence. South buildings of Beelitz were intended for patients with non- communicable diseases. Additionally the complex was divided between East buildings that were reserved for women and West buildings reserved for men. Staff that worked in these locations were also largely of the same sex as the patients. Beelitz Medical Complex is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that was planted intentionally as some coniferous plants can produce natural antibiotics and hence serve as protective to patients. 


The first phase of the construction lasted from 1898 to 1902 under the supervision of architect Heino Schmieden and Julius Boethka (1864- 1907). Second phase lasted from 1908 till 1910. The number of beds were increased from 600 bed to over 1200.
While initially Beelitz Military Hospital was designed as a sanatorium for the Berlin's workers. However at the outbreak of World War I Germany was overrun by large number of wounded soldiers. Beelitz Hospital was transformed into military hospital for the Imperial German Army. In total there have been 17,500 patients treated during a period of 1914- 18. The most patients of the Sanatorium was Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler who lived here from October to December of 1916 after being wounded during the Battle of the Somme.
After the war ended Beelitz Military Hospital once again became a civilian hospital. Third stage of Beelitz Hospital construction lasted between 1926 and 1930. With the outbreak of a new World War in Europe it once again became flooded with wounded soldiers. In 1942 a Women's Sanatorium was added at the south part of the complex. New buildings were designed by an architect Egon Eiermann. It was in use until 1998 as a clinic for tuberculosis and other diseases. Today some of the buildings are still in use as a nursing home as well as Academy of Nursing.
After an empire of Adolf Hitler was finally defeated the hospital was turned into a Soviet military hospital during Soviet occupation. Many of the markings today are actually in Cyrillic, alphabet used by Russians. Beelitz Military Hospital was abandoned in 1995 after the break up of the Soviet Union.


Description of Beelitz Heilstätten Military Hospital

It is amazing to see trees that grow on roofs of some of the building just 20 years after the grounds were abandoned. Their growing roots do a significant damage to the overall structure. So it is very dangerous to venture in some of these buildings. Many structures are barely holding on so use your common sense and don't try to pull or push any of the structures. Many seemingly solid objects may easily come down crumbling. Grounds of a former medical complex were used for shooting of several movies including "The Pianist", "Valkyrie" as well clips of Rammstein videos.
Additionally it is quiet plausible that some of the chemicals stored in the Beelitz Military Hospital might not be handled properly at the time it was abandoned. Many of the Russian words on the hospital walls actually warn about dangerous chemicals present in the area. Given the fact that a stench was present in some areas of the abandoned medical complex it is quiet possible these chemicals were spilled, poured out or simply abandoned. Several veils of strange chemicals were found, but no one in the right mind would try opening them up or even touching them.
Parts of Beelitz complex were recently renovated and reconstructed to serve a rehabilitation clinic for the patients with Parkinson's, however most of the Beelitz Military Hospital still lies abandoned. Locals usually avoid the grounds of Beelitz Hospital. There are still legends circulate that state that this building was inhabited by a Beelitz Manic who killed several women in the area.