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Blankenhain Castle (Schloss Blankenhain)


Blankenhain Castle or Schloss Blankenhain is a medieval residence that stands in the town of Blankenhain, Saxony in Germany.




Location: Blankenhain, Saxony    Map

Constructed: 12th century

Open: 10 Feb- 30 Apr 9am- 5pm

May- 15 Oct 9am- 6pm

16 Oct- 15 Nov 9am- 5pm

16 Nov- 15 Dec opened for registered groups

Entrace Fee: € 5, children € 2.50

Tel. +49 36608 2321




Description of Blankenhain Castle


Blankenhain Castle or Schloss Blankenhain was constructed in 12th century. In the 15th century it was first mentioned in the documents. It was also around this time that stronghold was surrounded by a moat filled with water. Medieval fortress was burned down in 1661 and in 1669 it got its Baroque appearance you see today. It was further increased in the 18th and 19th century. After the conclusion of the World War II Soviet forces intended to destroy the castle, but intervention by the local citizens stopped these plans from carrying on. Today the mansion is open to the public and houses an open- air museum of Agriculture and rural area. The complex covers a total area of 11 hectares with over 80 exhibit buildings. It depicts a peasant's life between 1890 and 1990.











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