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Blutenburg Castle

Blutenburg Castle

Blutenburg Castle or Schloss Blutenburg is located in Western Munich on the banks of river Wurm in the Bavaria region of Germany.




Location: Munich, Bavaria   Map

Constructed: 1438- 39 by Albert III, Duke of Bavaria




Description of Blutenburg Castle

The fortress of Blutenberg was originally constructed in 1432- 39 by Albert III, Duke of Bavaria, who used it as his private hunting lodge. Albert III or Albrecht III was known as a lover of delicate women. His particular relationship with Agnes Bernauer seem to be an inspiration for construction of a private lodge. However after her assassination in 1435 the duke lived here with his second wife Anna von Braunschweig.


Strategic location of the private residence was protected by two arms of the river Wurm. Apparently there has been another castle on this site that dates back to the 13th century, but its was destroyed earlier and some of its material was quarried to erect new towers and walls to guard the duke along with his men. Original medieval tower was uncovered during archeological digs of 1981.


Duke's son Sigismund of Bavaria continues the expansion and construction of family residence until he died here in 1501. He also ordered the construction of a Gothic style Chapel of Saint Sigismund, patron saint of the monarch. He became famous for a scandal of 1476 when he renounced the Regency and moved here as a private citizen. He devoted himself to the construction of churches and castles. Blutenburg Castle saw particular expansion as his primary residence. The citadel of Blutenburg was surrounded by a ring of curtain wall protected by three towers and a gate tower that guarded the entrance to the fortress.


The main building of Blutenburg Castle was badly damaged during the Thirty Years War (1618- 48) and later rebuilt in 1680-81 under supervision of notary of Munich, Anton von Berchem. He baught the castle for a sale price given that no one wanted to invest into reconstruction of the old fort. He lowered the height of the towers and covered by roofs.


Blutenburg Castle saw many owners. In 1974 a society of Friends of the Castle Blutenburg (Schloss Blutenburg) orginized reconstruction of the citadel to its original historic appearance. After rebuilding of the main buildings on site it was reopened on 19 July 1980. Today Blutenburg Castle is open to the public. In addition to its historic significance it houses the International Youth Library with a collection of books in over 100 different languages.

Chapel of Saint Sigismund


Splendid Chapel of Saint Sigismund was constructed by the orders of king Sigismund of Bavaria who dedicated this late Gothic masterpiece. Its high arches and well preserved stained glass windows is a popular destination in the Blutenburg Castle. Paintings around the altar were painted in 1491 by Jan Polack. Statues of apostles on the side walls of the chapel were created in 1490- 95. Their author remained nameless and was referred only by a nickname as a "Master of the Blutenburg apostles".











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