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Burg Meersburg (Alte Burg- Old Castle)

Burg Meersburg

Burg Meersburg or Alte Burg ("Old Castle") is located above Meersburg, Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.




Location: Schloßplatz 10, Meersburg, Baden-Württemberg  Map

Construction: 7th century

Tel. 07532/ 80 00 0

Open: March- Oct 9am- 6:30pm

Nov- Feb 10am- 6pm





Description of Burg Meersburg


The construction of Burg Meersburg castle began in the 7th century, but overtime it grew in size and complexity. Between 1841 and 1848 it was home to Annette von Droste- Hulshoff, famous German poet who also died here on 24 May 1848. The castle was opened to the public in the 19th century. Today over 35 rooms are reconstructed in their original appearance and are open to tourists. This includes Knights' Hall, dungeon, North Bastion, castle kitchen, torture chamber, the armoury and many others. Castle has a small shop with a large selection of weapons replicas. Some are full sized while others are made in children's' size. Additionally there is a small restaurant within walls of the baroque hall of Burg Meersburg.












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