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Eifel National Park (Nationalpark Eifel)

Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park is located in North Rhine-Westphalia in Western Germany. The nature reserve covers an area of 10,700 ha (26,400 acres).




Location: North Rhine-Westphalia    Map

Area: 10,700 ha (26,400 acres)




Description of Eifel National Park


Eifel National Park contains over 230 endangered species of animals and plants that are found here. Over 240 kilometers or 150 miles of hiking trails are open to the public. Additionally cyclists can enjoy 104 kilometers or 65 miles of biking trails. In winter this extensive web of roads is available for snowmobiles as well as cross country skiing. If you need to be accompanied by a ranger you will be provided on a site. Their service is completely free and no prior arrangement is required.


An especial caution should be practiced here. During last months of World War II German troops places several Glasmine 43 anti personal mines around the forest. As the name suggests it outside shell is made of glass that makes it extremely difficult to detect if you know it is there. So use you common sense and don't ignore the signs that indicate presence of mine fields. Don't venture into wilderness off trail. It is difficult to say how many of these deadly mines might still be present at the site.












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