Eutin Castle (Eutiner Schloss)


Location: Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein Map

Constructed: 1776 by Frederick Augustus I of Saxony


The Eutin Castle in Eutin in Ostholstein forms the cultural center and the nucleus of the city and, along with the Gottorfer and Glücksburg Castle, is one of the most important courtly profane buildings in Schleswig-Holstein. The four-wing complex emerged from a medieval castle and was expanded into a residence over several centuries.


The Eutin castle was originally owned by the Lübeck prince-bishops, later it became the summer residence of the Dukes of Oldenburg. The castle was inhabited regularly until the 20th century, and most of the interior has been preserved to the present day.

Today the castle houses a museum and is open to the public from March to January 5th. The castle is accessed via a bridge. She is guarded by two mythical animals. A replica of a Roland statue can be seen on the left above the portal. The bridge leads into the inner courtyard. They mostly present the original furnishings with paintings, furniture and handicrafts from the late Baroque to Classicism. Several large ship models are particularly well-known, which, as gifts from the Russian tsarist family, refer to the family ties to Eutin. Since there is no modern heating system, the castle is closed for climatic reasons from January 6th to the end of February. Horns (musical instruments) from different regions of the world and from different centuries are on display on the second floor.

The former baroque garden was transformed into a landscape park in the 18th and 19th centuries, which is the annual venue for the Eutin Festival. The open-air stage of the Eutin Festival is located in the “rural area” of the park on the other side of the castle bay.

The Eutin Festival, founded in 1951 in honor of Carl Maria von Weber, with operas and operettas takes place on the open-air facility in July and August each year. The grandstand is getting on in years, so that the location and the new building have been publicly discussed for a long time.