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Fortress Marienberg (Festung Marienberg)

Fortress Marienberg

Fortress Marienberg or Festung Marienberg stands in Würzburg, Bavaria region of Germany. Fortress Marienberg was found in 1631 by Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. However first human settlement dates back to the Bronze Age. In the early 8th century it was a site of a small fortress of Franconian- Thuringian tribe chieftain.



Location: Würzburg, Bavaria  Map

Constructed: 1631 by Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden

Tel. (0931) 355 1750




History of Fortress Marienberg


Saint Mary's Church or Marienkirche was erected here about the same time (AD 704). In the 13th century it was further increased in size and defenses. In 1253 the castle was transformed into a private residence of the prince- bishop of Wurzburg. In May 1525 the German Peasants' War or Bauernkrieg hit the walls of the structure. A peasant army with a total of 15,000 people laid a siege to a fortress. Ironically Bishop Konrad II von Thungen fleed his private residence just before the attack. Army of the Swabian League surrounded a peasant army that camped out under the walls and towers. They slaughtered over 8,000 people in a single day of a battle. During Thirty Years' War Fortress Fort was captured by Johann Philipp von Schonborn who led Swedish armies. After the capture Fortress Marienberg was badly damaged so it had to be reconstructed in Baroque architectural style.











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