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Gnandstein Castle

Gnandstein Castle

Gnandstein Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Kohren- Sahlis, Saxony region in Germany.



Location: Kohren- Sahlis, Saxony  Map

Constructed: 13th century

Tel. +49 34344 61309


Entrance Fee: 4 Euro

2 adults + 4 children 9 Euro

1 adult + 2 children 5 Euro

Free Admission for visitors on their birthday


Open: Mar- Oct 10am- 6pm daily

Nov- Feb 10am- 5pm daily

Closed: Nov- Jan & Ascension day




Construction of Gnandstein Castle


Gnandstein Castle was constructed in the 12th century to guard the valley of the river Wyhra. In the 14th century Gnadstein Castle was bought by a noble family of von Einsiedel. This family continued to live here until the end of World War II. During Thirty Years' War in the 17th century, Swedish troops captured the castle and inflicted great degree of destruction. To make things worse shortly before the war's end South wing was struck by a lighting and burned down. Over centuries the castle had several additions and reconstruction that gave it a Romanesque appearance. The tallest tower of the castle is the Well House. Standing at a height of 33 meters it offers a great view of the citadel and the surrounding lands.










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