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Herrenchiemsee Palace


Herrenchiemsee Palace is situated 60 km (37 mi) South- east of Munich, capital of Bavaria region of Germany.




Location: 60 km (37 mi) South- east of Munich, Bavaria     Map

Construction: 19th century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria





Description of Herrenchiemsee Palace


The estate of Herrenchiemsee Palace was constructed in 19th century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria on an Herreninsel island in the Chiemsee lake. Today it is accessible by a ferry that brings tourists here. This Baroque palace was modelled after a palace in Versailles of French king Louis XIV. It was designed by Georg von Dollmann, Christian Jank and Franz Seitz. The mansion was unfinished when Ludwig II died in a freak accident and drowned in the lake in 1886. Parts of the wing were later demolished. However the gardens that surrounded the palace was increased in 1876 under supervision of Court Garden Director Carl von Effner.









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