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Hohenneuffen Castle

Hohenneuffen Castle




Location: Neuffen, Baden- W├╝rttemberg  Map

Constructed: 1100- 1120 by Mangold von Sulmetingen




History of Hohenneuffen Castle

Hohenneuffen Castle stands in the Swabian Alps on a mountain above a town of Neuffen in the Baden- W├╝rttemberg region of Germany. Hohenneuffen Castle was constructed in 1100- 1120 by Mangold von Sulmetingen on a site of a former Celtic religious site on a hill that measures 743 m (2437 feet) in height above a town of Neuffen. Hohenneuffen Castle survived several unsuccessful sieges, however during Thirty Years War in 1635 it was captured by the Imperial troops. The commanding officer of the garrison stationed here Johan Philipp Schnurm was promised advantageous terms of surrender, but after he gave his fortress all these promises were broken. His troops were drafted into Imperial Army and all possession of the former commandant were taken away. Military fortifications of the stronghold were badly damaged and abandoned. King Frederick William I of Prussia attempted to reconstruct dilapidated building in the 18th century. However he didn't complete it. In 1801 the castle officially became a quarry for local peasants. Much of the towers and walls of Hohenneuffen Castle were demolished at the time. Only in the 19th century reconstruction and preservation of the castle has began.












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