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Kaltenburg Castle (Burg Kaltenburg)

Kaltenburg Castle

Ruins of medieval Kaltenburg Castle stands near Lonetal, Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.



Location: Lonetal, Baden-Württemberg  Map

Constructed: 12th century by Henry of Kalden




Description of Kaltenburg Castle


Kaltenburg Caslte was originally constructed in 12th century by the orders of Henry of Kalden who also gave the name to a Kaltenburg Fortress. The place was chosen wisely as a strategic location on top of the 60 meter high hill above confluence of rivers of Lone and Hurbe rivers. Military fortifications of the citadel were badly damaged by the siege of 1435 by the Nürnberg armies. The final nails were deadly shots fired in 1632- 34 in the coarse of the Thirty Years' War. Kaltenburg Castle was abandoned after portions of the South West wall have collapsed. Although some local peasants were squatting on the grounds of the former Kaltenburg Castle, the fort itself was never used again for its primary purpose.









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