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Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth (Luisenburg-Felsenlabyrinth)

Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth

Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth is located near Wunsiedel in the state of Bavaria in Germany. Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth consists of massive granite blocks that formed intricate formation due to geologic erosions.




Location: Wunsiedel, Bavaria Map





Description of Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth


Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth was commonly visited by tourists since the 18th century. It was one of the first sites that were especially designed as a tourist attraction. Paths were laid out, steps were cut in the rock to ease the access to the site. Many of visitors left beautiful autographs and passages. German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described rocks of Luisenburg Rock Labyrinth in 1820.


The enormous size of the granite blocks, piled on one another without rhyme or reason gives an impression the like of which I have never come across on all my walks and no-one can be blamed for explaining this chaotic state of affairs that excites astonishment, fear and dread, by calling on the help of floods and cloudbursts, storms and earthquakes, volcanoes and whatever else nature may violently conjure up. However on closer inspection, and with a detailed knowledge of that which nature, acting quietly and patiently, is able to do in a most extraordinary way, another solution to this puzzle offers itself to us.












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