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Nippenburg Castle




Location: Schwieberdingen    Map

Constructed: 1160




Description of Nippenburg Castle

Nippenburg Castle is located in Schwieberdingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg region in Germany. The citadel of Nippenburg Castle was constructed no later than 1160. Nippenburg Castle protected many of the local peasants during times of unrest and warfare. Unfortunately improved fire power made military fortifications obsolete. Citadel was abandoned as a strategic defensive point. Knights left the stronghold and it was left to elements as well as local residents who quarried the walls and towers for stones. There have been some evidence that some of the buildings were briefly inhabited over centuries, but overall structure of Nippenburg Castle was slowly falling in disrepair. Nippenburg Castle was partially reconstructed as it appeared during Medieval Times.









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