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Nuremberg Castle (Nürnberger Burg)

Nuremberg Castle

Nuremberg Castle is located on a sandstone hill in Nuremberg in the state of Bavaria in Germany. One includes the Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg), Burgraves of Nuremberg (Burggrafenburg) and several buildings known as Imperial City (Reichsstadtische Bauten).




Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria Map

Constructed: 1105

Tel. +49 911 244 6590




Description of Nuremberg Castle


Nuremberg Castle dates its origin to 1105 when it was constructed. It can be roughly divided into three regions. In 1140 king Conrad III turned the citadel into his royal residence, greatly expanding the fortress and its defenses. In the late 19th century Nuremberg Castle was designated as historic building with subsequent reconstruction. The fort still plays an important part in the folklore of the city. One of the local legend claim that a German robber baron Eppelein von Gailingen was arrested in 1372. He managed to escape the death sentence thanks to a horse that leaped across the wall into a moat. It is believed that marks from its hoofs are still visible in the castle walls. As he was speeding away from the fortress he met a peasant who was coming to his execution. The peasant asked Eppelein what time the criminal would be hanged. The famous robber replied: "The Nurembergians will hang nobody - if they hadn't him before (Die Nürnberger hängen keinen – sie hätten ihn denn zuvor!)".











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