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Osterstein Castle (Schloss Osterstein)

Osterstein Castle

Osterstein Castle or Schloss Osterstein is a medieval mansion that stands in Zwickau in German state of Saxony.




Location: Zwickau   Map

Constructed: first castle build in the 13th century




Description of Osterstein Castle or Schloss Osterstein


The name of Osterstein Castle or Schloss Osterstein is translated as a Castle of an Easter Stone. The first castle on this place was constructed in the 13th century. However it was demolished in 1407 by troops of William I, Margrave of Meissen. The ruins of the stronghold were later incorporated into a new Renaissance Mansion that was constructed in 1587- 90 by Christian I, Elector of Saxony. The castle was turned into a Nazi Concentration Camp during World War II. In the end of the 20th century abandoned and dilapidated building was reconstructed and open as a retirement house.









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