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Burg Rieneck

Burg Rieneck

Rieneck Castle is located 80 km (50 mi) East of Frankfurt in Bavaria region of Germany.




Location: 80 km (50 mi) East of Frankfurt  Map

Constructed: 1151 by Ludwig I, Count of Loon and Rieneck

Open: 7:30am- 1pm Mon- Fri

8am- 12pm Sat, Sun

Tel. 09354 902317




Description of Rieneck Castle


Rieneck Castle was found in 1151 by Ludwig I, Count of Loon and Rieneck. This stronghold was mostly occupied by a small garrison of soldiers. Most of the residents didn't live here due to its cramped conditions. However in a time of war all the residents in the surrounding lands would flee here. Today the stronghold is managed by German Christian Guide and Scout Association as a scouting facility. There is a small campground available just next to Rieneck Castle.









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