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Roman Villa Borg

Roman Villa Borg

Roman Villa Borg is a reconstruction of an ancient Roman villa that once stood here near modern Perl, Saarland in Germany. In the early 20th century the site was discovered by a local teacher Johann Schneider who started his private digging in the local mounds that stood out from local plains. There was no in depth exploration of the ancient site due to World War One and Two. Only in the 1980's did scientists got a chance to explore the historic settlement.




Location: Perl, Saarland  Map

Constructed: 2nd century

Open: Apr- Oct 11am- 6pm

Nov- Dec 11am- 4pm

Feb- March 11am- 4pm

Closed: Christmas Eve- 1 Feb





Description of Roman Villa Borg


Subsequently archeologists uncovered a private residence of a Roman nobility that date back to the second century AD. Additionally to the antiquity tools from the Beaker culture that date back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods were discovered here. Since that an ancient mansion was reconstructed. This included gardens that once surrounded this prosperous residence. Pollen discovered here gave historians an idea on what type of plants were raised here. Every year a Roman Day is held here in the first week of August. Reenactment of the period, including horsemanship, Roman drill soldiers are held here.












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