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Sanssouci Castle

Sanssouci Castle

Sanssouci Castle is located in the Potsdam near German capital of Berlin. It is one of the most impressive royal residences not only in the city the whole country. A big part of the residential comple is its extensive park.



Location: Potsdam   Map

Constructed: 1745- 47 by Frederick the Great

Tel. (0331) 969 42 02

Bus: 606, 695

Open: mid- May- mid- Oct: 9am- 5pm

mid- Oct- mid- May: 9am- 4pm

Closed: Fridays

Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great




Description of Sanssouci Castle or Schloss Sanssouci


Sanssouci Castle is a magnificent royal residence located on the outskirts of modern day Berlin. It was constructed in 1745- 47 on the orders of Prussian king Frederick the Great. The name of the palace comes from a French "sanc souci", which means "without concern". It served as a private residency for the king, a getaway from capital's court. The New Palace today houses an extensive picture gallery.


Beautiful garden of Sanssouci Castle was intended to serve personal interests of Frederick the Great who wanted to grow wine, figs and plums. In fact gardens of Sanssouci Garden appeared before the palace of Sanssouci even was even in the plans. Trees were later compliment by a vegetable garden as well as life flower carpets. He ordered construction a series of intricate terraces was meant to mimic the palaces of antiquity. Additionally several Greco- Roman statues are spread out through the royal complex. Many pavilions and palaces spread on a an area of 287 hectares (700 acres) require a whole day to explore. As you walk through the Sanssouci residence you cann a tomb of Frederick II who was buried here on the artificial castle hill.










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