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Sausenburg Castle

Sausenburg Castle

Sausenburg Castle located in the heart of the Black Forest, North of Kandern in the region of Baden-W├╝rttemberg in Germany.



Location: North of Kandern   Map

Constructed: 1246 by Counts von Hachberg




Description of Sausenburg Castle


Sausenburg Castle was constructed in 1246 by Counts von Hachberg. Today this ruined citadel still stands despite years of negligence. In 1315 the noble family have died out after death of Liuthold II of Roetteln and it was transferred to the counts of Hachberg- Sausenberg. Medieval military fortifications of Sausenburg Castle could keep up with technological advances until Franco- Dutch War when in 1678 the fortress was largely destroyed by the army of French Marshall Creque.









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