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Schloss Johannisburg

Schloss Johannisburg

Schloss Johannisburg is located in Aschaffenburg of Bavaria region of Germany.



Location: Aschaffenburg, Bavaria Map

Constructed: 1605- 1614 by George Ridinger

Tel. +49 6021 386570






Description of Schloss Johannisburg


Schloss Johannisburg or Castle Johannisburg construction began in 1605- 1614 on the banks of river Main by architect George Ridinger in a German Renaissance style. Current building replaced much older medieval castle, but little is known about former stronghold. However a Gothic castle keep was preserved and preserved as a fifth tower in the North- West side of the complex. The name of Schloss Johannisburg palace comes from a small chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist (erected 1284) that once stood here. It served as a second private residence for Prince Bishop of Mainz. It owes its red color due to the local red limestone found in the area. Schloss Johannisburg was heavily damage by military actions in the last days of World War II and took almost to decades to reconstruct it to its previous magnitude.









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