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Steinsberg Castle

Steinsberg Castle

Steinsberg Castle is located in Weiler, Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.




Location: Weiler, Baden-Württemberg  Map

Constructed: 1109




Description of Steinsberg Castle


Steinsberg Castle was constructed in 1109 and changed several owners over its long and brutal history. This included Counts of Oettingen in the thirteenth century, Counts of the Rhein and Lords of Venningen. Steinsberg Caste was badly damaged during German Peasants' War in 1524–1526. The final blow was dealt in 1777 when by some ironic twist of fate the damage to the castle came from heaven. Lighting struck the donjon and resulting fire badly damaged military fortifications. Part of Steinsberg Castle were restored since 1973 and it is open to the public.









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