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Windeck Castle

Windeck Castle

Windeck Castle is located in Weinheim, Baden-W├╝rttemberg region of Germany.




Location: Weinheim, Baden-W├╝rttemberg   Map

Constructed: 12th century





Description of Windeck Castle


Windeck Castle was constructed in the 12th century to defend nearby possessions of the Lorsch monastery. In 1674 the French troops of General Turenne captured the citadel, burned and looted it. After devastating campaign of the French king Louis XIV the military fortifications of the Windeck Castle were abandoned. The locals used the site as a quarry for damaged houses, churches and other structures instead. Today the castle is open to the public. Little remains from the original structures of Windeck Castle, but medieval structures including the main donjon from the 14th century is still well preserved and visible.










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