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Humboldt University (Humboldt Universitat) (Berlin)



Unter den Linden 6

Tel. 20930

Subway: Friedrichstrasse

Bus: 100, 200, 348





Description of Humboldt University

Originally the former royal palace that houses Humboldt University was designated as a private residence for Prince Heinrich of Prussia, the brother of Frederick the Great. It was erected in 1753 and in 1810 university was found here upon initiative of Wilhelm von Humboldt (brother of famous naturalist Alexander Humboldt). Originally it was known as a Berlin University, but in 1949 it was renamed as a Humboldt University.


Today it is the second largest university in Berlin and has its headquarters in the palace of Prince Heinrich on the street Unter den Linden in Berlin-Mitte.

The HU Berlin is one of the 20 largest universities in Germany and is regarded as a world-renowned university, which, among other things, trained 29 Nobel laureates.

The Humboldt University was included in the third funding line within the framework of the Excellence Initiative of the Federal Government and Länder, making it one of the so-called elite universities in Germany.