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Kaiser- Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche (Berlin)

Kaiser- Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche (Berlin)




Tel. 030- 218 5023
Bus: 100, 200, X- 9
Open: Mon- Sun




Description of Kaiser- Wilhelm- Gedachtnis- Kirche

Kaiser- Wilhelm- Gedachtnis- Kirche is actually a portion of an original church that was designed by Franz Schwechten and consecrated in 1895. During World War II regular Allied raids on the Germal capital damaged many historic buildings. In 1943 bombs destroyed much of the Neo- Romanesque church leaving only remains of the front tower. At the base of tower there is a Gedenkhalle (Memorial Hall) that contains documents, pictures as well as original mosaics, reliefs and liturgical objects that were dug from the ruins of the church. In 1963 Egon Eiermann designed a new blue glass octagonal church with a new free standing bell tower seen behind the old one. The massive figure of Christ on the Cross over the altar is made by Karl Hemmeter and if think clowns are scary you haven't seen this statue of Jesus.









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