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Zeughaus (Deutsches Historisches Museum) (Berlin)




Unter den Linden 2

Tel. 20 30 40

Subway: Friedrichstrasse

Bus: 100, 157, 200, 348

Open: 10am- 6pm daily






Description of Zeughaus

Zeughaus is a former Berlin arsenal that was erected in 1706 under supervision and design of Johann Arnold Nering, Martin Grunberg, Andreas Schluter and Jean de Bodt. It was completed in Baroque architectural style. It was transformed into a German Historic Museum in 1925. The Zeughaus is the oldest building on the boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin and the most important baroque building in the city. Built in the years 1695-1706 by Johann Arnold Nering , Martin Grünberg , Andreas Schlüter and Jean de Bodt as arsenal, it designed Friedrich Hitzig from 1877 to 1880 to the Hall of Fame of the Brandenburg-Prussian army. The building was converted into a military museum in 1875. In March 1943, Rudolf von Gersdorff tried, but failed to assassinate by suicide bombing Adolf Hitler, during the opening of an exhibition in this museum.
 After severe damage in the Second World War was carried out from 1949 to 1967 in the interior simplifying reconstruction of the Museum of German History. Today it is home to German Historical Museum.








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