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Eisenach - Wartburg Castle

Eisenach - Wartburg Castle

Eisenach - Wartburg Castle was found in 1067 by Ludwig the Jumper. The legends goes that than he saw the castle he exclaimed: "Warte, berg - du sollst mir eine Burg werden!" ("Wait, mountain- you shall become a castle for me!"). The first two words thus supposedly gave the castle its name - Wartburg. The castle without a doubt has a special place in history of Germany. Richard Wagner described singing contests held here in his opera Tannhauser. Between 1211 and 1228 Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia lived here. And of course probably the most famous resident here was Martin Luther who spent 10 months from 1521 till 1522 here while in hiding after his excommunication by pope Leo X. It was here Luther wrote his German translation of the New Testament previously written only in Latin. Even though the castle was remodeled it still preserves its old charm and many of the rooms including that of Martin Luther are in original state.













South tower                        Bergfried


South tower was build in 1318. It is the only remaining tower from Medieval times. Bergfried (castle keep) was added later in the 19th century. Its foundation is the original tower.


Elisabethkemenate - room of Saint Elizabeth adored with beautiful mosaics (work of August Oetken 1902- 06) that depict life of its former resident.




The city of Eisenbach lies at the foot of the castle hill was found in the late 12th century. It has many old architectural marvels like 16th century town hall, remains of fortifications and numerous churches. Besides the city has a house where Martin Luther moved. Now it houses a museum of his work. Besides Eisenbach is hometown of Johann Sebastian Bach who was born here in 1685. Unfortunately his house did not survive, but a museum was build here.



Automobilbaumuseum (car museum for short)

Rennbahn 6- 8

Tel. (03691) 77 21 2

Open: 10 am- 5 pm (Tue- Sun)



Bachhaus (Bach's house)

Frauenplan 21

Tel. (03691) 7 93 40

Open: Oct.- Mar. 1 pm- 4:45 pm- Mon; 9 am - 4:45 pm- Tue- Sun

Apr.- Sep. 12 pm- 5:45 pm- Mon; 9 am- 5:45 pm- Tue- Sun



Eisenbach is also famous for its old abandoned houses (especially car factory) that you can find here. Most are technically someone's property, but its doesn't seem that laws are strictly enforced here.











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