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Elbtalaue is a picturesque area around Elbe River. Gentle rolling hills and beautiful forests define the Elbe Valley in this part of Germany.



Location: Brandenburg










Church of Saint Nicholas (Nikolaikirche)

Church of Saint Nicholas is a late- Gothic church devoted to Saint Nicholas.


Church of Saint Jacob (Jakobskirche)

Church of Saint Jacob is the main religious building in Pritzwalk and it dates back to the medieval period. It was originally constructed as a Roman Catholic church in the 15th century.



Perleberg is a picturesque authentic market surrounded by traditional German houses. This include and original 1515 timber- frame house on its side. Another notable structure is that of a Town Hall that was erected on this site in 1850. A sandstone statue of a French knight Roland date back to 1546.



Plattenburg Castle

Plattenburg Castle is a interesting citadel constructed in a late Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. It is still used as a place for performances and concerts.


Bad Wilsnack

Bad Wilsnack is a small town in Elbtalaue region. Medieval citizens of the town discovered interesting features of mud in the surrounding marches. Apparently this iron oxide rich soil carried significant therapeutic properties. Since the medieval times Bad Wilsnack was an important site for pilgrims who flocked to this town in hopes to see the true blood of Jesus Christ that was said to be preserved even through the great fire of 1384. Medieval church of Saint Nicholas was constructed shortly after the fire for the new coming pilgrims.