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Landshut is an independent city in Germany in south-eastern Bavaria. It is the seat of the government of Lower Bavaria and the Lower Bavaria district of the same name, as well as the administrative seat of the Landshut district. With 73,411 inhabitants (December 31, 2019), Landshut before Passau is the largest city in Lower Bavaria and the second largest city in Eastern Bavaria after Regensburg. In a comparison of the population across Bavaria, it ranks 11th after Bayreuth (as of December 31, 2017). The regional center on the Isar is the northeastern focus of the Munich metropolitan region.

The place "Landeshuata" ("Landeshut" for "hat and protection of the country") was mentioned in a document as early as 1150; In the late Middle Ages, the city was, along with Munich, Straubing and Ingolstadt, one of the capitals of the Bavarian partial duchies, which is still reflected in the architecture today. As the capital of the partial duchy of Bavaria-Landshut, the city experienced its heyday in the 14th and 15th centuries. The splendid Landshut Wedding is a city event that has been famous since the late Middle Ages, at which the marriage of the Bavarian Duke George the Rich in 1475 with the Polish king's daughter Hedwig von Burghausen is played out.

Landshut's valuable Gothic and Renaissance townscape with many monuments and pre-industrial building ensembles is of great cultural and historical importance on a Central European scale. Landshut's old town is one of the most important and best-preserved historical city centers in Germany in terms of building culture and has already been nominated for a World Heritage Site. At 130 meters, the Gothic tower of Martinskirche is the thirteenth highest and the highest brick-built church tower in the world. The Landshut city residence is one of the first Renaissance buildings north of the Alps.

After Landshut housed the Ludwig Maximilians University from 1800 to 1826, Landshut has been a university town again since the Landshut University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1978. Landshut is one of the economically strongest and most affluent municipalities in Germany, most important for the manufacturing industry are the nearby BMW plant in Landshut-Ergolding, the world market leader in ventilation and drive technology ebm-papst, the glass company Schott AG and the rusk manufacturer Brandt. The service sector is also important, with locations of the energy company E.ON, Sparkasse Landshut, Deutsche Telekom and other providers. With the Landshut trade fair, it is also a national trade fair location. The town's traditional beer breweries are the Landshut brewery from 1493 and the C. Wittmann brewery from 1616.