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Merzig (in the local, Moselle Franconian dialect Meerzisch / Miërzësch) is a district town in Saarland and the administrative seat of the Merzig-Wadern district with around 30,000 inhabitants in 17 districts on 108 km². Merzig lies on the Saar and extends far into the surrounding heights (Saargau) and side valleys.



Development of the name
369 Martiaticum
870 Martia
1338 Mertzige
1478 Mertzych
1497 Mertzig
1499 Mertzigh, Mertzych

Early history
According to Kell, the oldest mention of Merzig can be found in an order from the Western Roman Emperor Valentinians, issued during his stay in "Mansio praedium Martiaticum" on June 4, 369. At the exit of the Merchinger valley in the district of Hangenfeld one suspects the Roman settlement, as various Roman finds have been made in the area where the Ritzerbach flows into the Seffersbach.

Middle age
Charles the Bald gave the Merzig Crown Estate to Archbishop Bertolf of Trier on the occasion of his episcopal ordination in 869. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the ministerial dynasty of Merzig served the elector. The Archbishop of Trier had bailiwick rights in Merzig. Merzig was divided into seven bailiwicks, "the bailiff" of the archbishop, the combined "Schultheißerei" with the "Montclairer Vogtei", the "Rischerei", the "Mettlacher Vogtei", the "Brückerei" and the "Propstei".

The Wolkessen or Wolkesingen deserted area exists in the Merzig district, mentioned in 1337 in the documents of the Mettlach Abbey. In the 11th century Merzig became the capital of the eponymous country chapter to which 45 parishes belonged. From the 11th century on, Merzig came under the tension of the expanding powers Kurtrier and Lorraine. In 1333 Trier and the powerful elector Balduin were able to exercise their rights and rights in the court of men “zu den Bäumelen” against Duke Rudolf of Lorraine. a. enforce via Merzig. After the rulers of Lorraine had gained strength, a stalemate arose, and from 1368 Merzig was jointly administered with the district of Merzig-Saargau by Kurtrier and Lorraine.

Modern times
This condominium existed for about 400 years until 1778, from 1766 together with France, the legal successor of Lorraine. After the condominium was divided, Merzig came to Kurtrier until 1794, but was soon occupied by the French revolutionary troops. After the end of the French occupation, the new Prussian Rhine province came into being in 1815. It was not until May 25, 1857 that the city of Merzig was expressly recognized by the Prussian king.