Plön Castle (Plöner Schloss)

Plön Castle


Location: Plön, Schleswig-Holstein  Map

Constructed: 17th century


Description of Plon Castle

Plön Castle or Plöner Schloss is situated in the town of Plön, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. It was constructed in 1633- 36 by Duke Joachim ernst von Sonderburg- Plön on a site of a destroyed medieval castle that stood here since 11th century. Duke was fond of physics and especially optics. He used his residence as a personal lab for various experiments. Plon Castle served as his family's private residence until 1761. Between 1761 and 1864 it served as a Royal House of Denmark. It was around this time when the King of Denmark Christian VIII increased his residence and gave it a more Classicist style. Christian along with subsequent Danish monarchs used this residence as their summer retreat house. In 1868- 1920 it was transferred into a Prussian Cadet School. During years of World War II it was housed Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt (NAPOLA) or National Political School under Nazi regime, but after Germany lost the war it was transformed into a Boarding School. In 2002 it became known as Fielmann Akademie Schloss Plon.