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Aggtelek National Park (Aggteleki Nemzeti Park)

Aggtelek National Park

Aggtelek National Park is located near Sendra, Aggtelek Karst region in Northern Hungary. It covers an area of 198.92 km2 above ground. In 1995 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.



Location: near Sendra, Aggtelek Karst region  Map

Area: 198.92 sq km

Tel. +36 48/503-000











Description of Aggtelek National Park


Aggtelek National Park is particularly notable for underground caves and its biosphere. The longest cave is Baradla- Domica Cave that is 26 km long. About 8 km of the system extends into neighboring Slovakia. Area of Aggtelek National Park was inhabited by humans at least 7000 years ago. Today concerts are held here in a massive underground cavern. Its tallest stalagmite is Czillagvizsgalo (Hungarian for "Stargazer") reaches a height of 62 feet. Peace Cave was used since the early 20th century as a sanatorium for people suffering from asthma. A network of well marked trails allows tourists to explore the rich biosphere above ground. The longest trail Tohonya- Kuriszlán is 10 km long, Baradla 7.5 km, Szadvar 4.5 km "In Harmony with Nature" 4 km and Fürkész is only 1.5 km long. For more information you can visit Kúria Study Centre for more information on Aggtelek National Park.



Baradla Cave

1, 2, 4, 5, 7 hour cave tours

Open: April- Sept 9am- 7pm

Oct- Mar 9am- 4pm


Rákóczi Cave

Open Apr- Sept 9am- 7pm

Oct- Mar 9am- 4pm

Vass Imre Cave

Open: Apr- Sept 9am- 7pm

Oct- Mar 9am- 4pm

Beke Cave, Kossuth Cave, Meteor Cave

Open: by appointments












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