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Csesznek Castle

Csesznek Castle

Csesznek Castle is situated in Veszprém county of North- West Hungary. It was constructed in 1263 by the orders of Baron Jakab Cseszneky, a personal sword bearer of the King Bela IV.




Location: Veszprém county Map


Constructed: 1263 by Baron Jakab Cseszneky




History of Csesznek Castle


Csesznek Castle became a Royal Castle in 1326, but in 1392 it was donated by King Sigismund to a noble family of Garai. In 1482 after House of Garai died out it was transferred to Szapolyai family by the royal decree of King Matthias Corvinus. Most of actions that Csesznek Castle saw was during 16th century when Csábi, Szelestey and Wathay families owned the citadel. Armies of Ottoman Turks besieged the castle repeatedly, but failed to take it. Only in 1594 they finally successes, but just four years later it was retaken by the Hungarian troops. In 1635 Csesznek Castle was bought by Dániel Esterházy and his family kept it till 1945, when new Communist government nationalized their property.


Today Csesznek Castle is open to the public. It often holds festivals and open- air events. The castle is surrounded by forests and fields. There was a small Jewish settlement that since disappeared during turbulent time of the 20th century, but their graves are still in place and can be read fairly easily.











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