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Diosgyor Castle

Diósgyőr Castle




Location: Diósgyőr  Map


Constructed: 12h century




Description of Diosgyor Castle

Diosgyor Castle is situated in a town of Diósgyőr in Hungary. Diosgyor Castle was originally constructed in the 12th century, but during Mongol invasion (1241- 42) it was razed to the ground. New Diosgyor Castle was probably reconstructed by the orders King Bela IV. In the late 16th century invading Ottoman armies captures the citadel along with surrounding lands. By the time the Christian armies retook back Diosgyor Castle it was in ruinous conditions. It was abandoned and used by local peasants for their purposes. Many of lower structures and walls were taken apart and used for construction of other buildings. Only in 1953 the reconstruction project have began in Diosgyor Castle.










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