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Festetics Palace

Festetics Palace




Located: Kastély utca 1, Keszthely, Zala county  Map

Constructed: 1745 by Kristóf Festetics

Tel. 83 312 190

Open: 9am- 6pm Jul- Aug

9am- 5pm Tue- Sun Sep- Jun




Description of Festetics Palace

Festetics Palace is situated in a town of Keszthely, Zala county in Hungary. Festetics Palace construction began in 1745 by the orders of Kristóf Festetics. György Festetics constructed a library wing between 1799 and 1801. Festetics Palace is famous for one of the largest libraries that holds over 100,000 books and documents. In the 1880's it was reconstructed in a neo- Baroque architectural style under supervision of architect Viktor Rumpelmayer and after his death in 1885 by Gusztáv Haas and Miksa Paschkisch. Festetics Palace consists of two wings and over 100 rooms. In was turned into a museum in 1974.









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