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Holloko Village and Castle




Location: 91 km North-east from Budapest  Map


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Description of Holloko Village

Holloko Village is situated 91 km North-east from Budapest in Hungary. Holloko Village is famous for its Palóc ethnographic village as well as a medieval castle. Palóc is a cultural subgroup of Hungarians with their distinct dialect of Hungarian an a unique way of life. This settlement is protected by the government as an open air museum of the traditional village life of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural and historic importance. The population of the Holloko (less than 500 people) work traditional customs including wood cutting, pottery, textile making and many others. The name of the village Holloko is translated as a "black raven" that is also featured on the symbol of a settlement. The main wooden church that stands in the middle of the village was constructed in 1889.


Hollókő Castle

Holloko Castle

Holloko Castle was constructed in the 13th centuries following a Mongol invasion in the middle of the century. It was owned by Kacsics clan members of the Elijah branch. In 1327 Holloko Castle fell in the hands of King Philip Druget after a lengthily siege that lasted for years. The fortress was subsequently increased in size and defenses. A village below the citadel grew as well. Holloko Castle was abandoned in the early 18th century since it lost its strategic value.











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