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Kinizsi Castle

Kinizsi Castle



Location: 8291 Nagyvázsony, Vár u. 9, Nagyvázsony, Veszprém county





Description of Kinizsi Castle

Kinizsi Castle is a medieval castle located in Nagyvázsony, Veszprém county of Hungary. It was constructed in the 15th century by Vezseny family. Eventually the family died out. King Matthias donated this Kinizsi Fortress to one of his military generals Pál Kinizsi in 1472. Kinizsi Castle was briefly taken by the Austrian Hapsburg, but retaken the next year. Pal Kinizsi married English Lady Benigma, but shortly thereafter. Newly made rich widow didn't wait for too long and remarried again. Her second husband, Mark Horvath, did not last too long either. He broke his neck while riding a horse or so the official documents say. The Third lucky husband and a new owner of Kinitzsi Castle became Gregory Kereky. The third time was not a charm and a new husband start picking new mistresses. Lady Benigma did not wait for too long and in 1519 she murdered both her husband and her mistress right in their bed. Then she ordered their bodies tossed in the moat around the castle. Woman was charged, but she escaped any serious punishment and was instead exiled from her lands. Last time the fort was used for military purposes was during Rakoczi War of Independence. From that point on Kinizsi Castle was used as a prison. Eventually Kinizsi Castle was completely abandoned and fell in disrepair.










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