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Location: 25 mi (40 km) North of Budapest, Pest County   Map


Matyas museum

Salamon torony utca

Tel. (026) 59 70 10

Open:  May- Oct  9am-5pm Tue- Sun


Royal Palace

Fo utca 23

Tel. (026) 39 80 26

Open: 9am-5pm Tue- Sun




Description of Visegrad Castle


Visegrad Castle is located 25 mi (40 km) North of Budapest in the Pest County in Northern Hungary. Visegrad Castle was constructed in the 1240's on the orders of King Béla IV (1235-1270) after destructive Mongol invasion destroyed the original settlement to the north of the current location. Visegrad Castle stands on the strategic location on right bank of Danube River overlooking a fairly sharp bend. In 14th century King Charles I of Hungary turned Visegrad into capital of his country. He even held a two month congress of European kings in 1335. After Holy Roman Emperor moved the capital back to Buda, Matthias Corvinus made this town a co- capital of Hungary. Medieval Visegrad citadel was too uncomfortable for the king so he reconstructed a pre-existing royal residence at the base of the hill into a beautiful Renaissance palace.


Palace of Matthias Corvinus












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