Vonyarcvashegy is a village in Zala county, in the district of Keszthely. Vonyarcvashegy is located on the shores of Keszthely Bay, on the southern edge of the Keszthely Plateau, in the eastern part of Zala County. Lake Balaton closes the settlement to the south and the mountains to the north, so it is only open in an east-west direction. Thus, the Balatonszentgyörgy – Tapolca – Ukk railway line also runs through the settlement, where a railway station of the settlement receives suburban trains and high-speed trains from Pécs and Szombathely.

The main road of the village is the second secondary road 71, which connects with the settlements on the northern shore of Lake Balaton and Keszthely. Vonyarcvashegy is excellently accessible by bus from Keszthely, but there are frequent flights from Tapolca.



The Vonyarc part of the settlement, which is closer to Lake Balaton, is historically well ahead of Vashegy. Its first mention dates back to 1335 as the Church of Our Lady. The owners of this time were the Karmacs family.

In 1573, the Turks stormed the settlement and set it on fire. From the 1580s to the centuries, the village became uninhabited. In the 17th century, the area revived as a vineyard. In the Vonyarc mountain village, the owners were mainly farmers from Keszthely, but from 1690 we can also talk about a few local residents. The other part of today's settlement, Vashegy, also appeared during this period. Its first mention dates from 1689 as Balatongyörök vineyard.

In the 18th century, there were two small villages on the site of today’s large village. Its inhabitants were celery, living mainly on wage labor in the vineyards. The owner of the area from 1741, in addition to the Festetics family, was the Croatian Ban, who finally relinquished his property in 1779, thus becoming fully owned by the Festetics.

Vonyarc and Vashegy merged in 1850 and began minor development. His school opened in 1870.

The settlement continued to grow in the early 20th century, but its outstanding development can only be observed from the 1950s, when the village became involved in tourism on Lake Balaton, and a good quality beach was created here. In 1952, a new school was established, and in 1957, a campsite was established. In 1960, Vonyarcvashegy was transformed into a large village, where tourism is dominant.

Until 2007 it belonged to the Keszthely – Hévíz, then to the Keszthely micro-region, and since 2013 to the Keszthely district.

There is a civil guard in the settlement.


Places of interest

St. Michael's Hill
Vonyarc Chapel
Vashegyi Chapel
Calvary and the "Cross of Light" (2010)