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Lagarfljót Lake Monster

Lagarfljót Lake




Location: Egilsstaðir, Austurland Region   Map


Surface area: 53 km²





Description of Lagarfljot Lake


Lagarfljot Lake is situated near Egilsstaðir, Austurland Region in Iceland. This narrow long lake covers an area of 53 km² and stretches for 25 km. Lagarfljot Lake has only one inflow of Lagarfljot river. It is famous home for alleged aquatic monster that lives here. Local legends claim that a giant worm known locally as Lagarfljótsormur or Lagarfljot worm dwells in frigid waters of Lagarfljot Lake. The first reference to this cryptid date back to 1345. The sightings of this elusive creature continued to this day despite relatively few local citizens and tourists who come to this land. Yet many eye witnesses claim to have seen a giant serpent like animal move through the waters of the calm Lagarfljot Lake and in some instances even make it to shore. Some eye witnesses report seeing a coiled up creature lying motionless on the shores of the lake.














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