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Vatnajökull National Park

Vatnajökull National Park




Location: South- East Iceland     Map

Area: 8,100 km² (3,125 sq mi)

Thickness: 3,300 ft (1 km)








Vatnajökull National Park is located in the South- East part of Iceland. This national reserve is the largest national park in Europe covering an area of 12,000 km2. Vatnajökull National Park also includes the area of the former Skaftafell National Park. It is named after Vatnajökull glacier, largest glacier in Europe. It covers an area of 8,100 km² (3,125 sq mi). Additionally it also contains the highest point on the island nation known as peak Hvannadalshnúkur and most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss Waterfall.







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