Aran Islands

Aran Islands



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Description of the Aran Islands

Map of Aran Islands

Aran Islands are situated on the Western side of Ireland in the County Galway outside of Galway Bay. You can travel to Aran Islands by ferry or air. The largest and most visited is the Inis Mor island. Other two include Inis Meain and Inis Oirr. These are smaller islands and less visited by the tourists. The Aran Islands are formed from a limestone ridge. The largest - Inishmore, is 13 km long and 3 km wide. The inhabitants of the islands, isolated from the rest of Ireland, have preserved their customs and culture. Farming, fishing are the main occupations of the islanders.

Dun Inasa - fort of the Iron or Bronze Age. Consists of four concentric walls and sharp stone stakes.
Dun Duhar - the construction of the Iron Age. Also known as Black Fort.
Kilronan is the main port of the Aran Islands.

Aran Islands are famous for their woolen things and national costumes. Men's suit consists of a tweed sleeveless jacket and a woven belt. Women's costume consists of a red flannel skirt and a crossed shawl.

Sometimes on the islands you can see kurra - a low boat with oars, which for centuries has been a vehicle for local residents.

How to get there
Ferry from Rossavil: Island Ferries or Doolin: Doolin Ferry Company. Ferries run all year. You cannot cross the islands with a car, but you can rent a bike in Kilronan.


Dún Aonghasa (Aran Islands)


Dún Aonghasa is an Iron Age fort situated on the edge of a 100 meter (330 ft) high cliff. It is locateд on the Island of Inishmore or Inis More, largest of the Aran Islands.


Dún Eochla (Aran Islands)

Dún Dúchathair (Black Fort) (Aran Islands)

O'Brien's Castle (Aran Islands)

Teampull Bheanáin (Aran Islands)

Teampull Bheanáin is a small church those ruins stands despite years of fierce weather and neglect by the people. Its peculiarity is its alignment. While all Christian churches are aligned from West to East, this one is aligned from South to North.