Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillan Castle


Location: Balbriggan, Fingal County Map

Constructed: 1738 by Reverend Robert Taylor


Ardgillan Castle is a pseudo medieval residence in Balbriggan, Fingal County of Ireland. It was constructed in 1738 by Reverend Robert Taylor.


The previous owner of the land where Ardgillan Castle now stands was Robert Asher, a Tallahat wine merchant. When the Rev. Robert Taylor bought the land, the land was surrounded by fairly dense and wild forests, so the landlord hired a guard from the soldiers. He paid them money, provided them with food, a bed and issued Irish whiskeys of Bushmills, which delivered 2 shillings and 2 pence per gallon.

The castle was built by the Rev. Robert Taylor in 1738. The castle remained the property of the Taylor family until 1962, when the estate and the castle were sold to Gerrich Potts of Westphalia.

In 1982 the property was sold to Fingal Conti Consil, repaired and restored, and the castle was opened to the public in 1992. The then president of the company was Mary Robinson.

The Ghosts of Ardgillan Castle
There is a legend about Ardgillan Castle. It was as if the ghost had seen the ghost of Lady Styres. This lady is usually identified as a wife of a sailor. Her husband did not return from the voyage, and she waited for him standing on the Dublin - Belfast railway bridge and looking towards the Irish Sea. She waited without leaving the bridge until she died. It is said that if you come to this bridge on the night of Samhain, you can meet the ghost of this woman, she can dump the negligent into the sea and drown. The bridge was damaged by a truck during a strike in 2006, but was then repaired in 2007 and opened to visitors.

Dublin - Belfast Railway and Ardgillan Castle
Lady Styles Bridge is considered one of the best and most interesting railway bridges in Ireland. The bridge and the railway line can be viewed from the top of the hill nearby.

Castle for visitors
Numerous services are provided for visitors to the castle. There are rooms on the ground floor, kitchen, sightseeing tours. There are tea rooms. On the second floor, the former bedrooms are used for classrooms and exhibitions, including permanent exhibitions. There are rooms for small group meetings and seminars.

There is a new center located in the former gardener's house in the corner of Rose Park.

In 2005, the estate saw several open-air concerts in the summer.