Ashtown Castle (Caisleán Bhaile an Ásaighis)

Ashtown Castle



Location: Phoenix Park Map

Constructed: 1430s


Ashtown Castle is a traditional Irish tower house located in Phoenix Park in Dublin, Irish capital. It was constructed in the 1430's. In 1989, the castle was reconstructed, returning the castle to its original form (for example, Georgian windows and other innovations made during the period when the building was used as a diplomatic residence) were removed. In the castle itself - 4 floors.


Ashtown Castle was rebuilt and modified several times in the course of its history, in its Dimension still corresponds to the 10£castles built under the English King Henry VI. In the rectangular floor plan, the four-storey building measures about 6 meters to 9 meters. On the south-eastern corner there is a bay front, which includes the spiral staircase.

The function of the facilities on the ground floor is unknown today, although it is assumed that the kitchen was located here, among other things. On the first floor there were the living rooms of the castle Lords. The second floor housed the Great hall (English great hall), in the roof area, which is today run as a saddle roof, and set up the fortifications.

The surrounding gardens to sketch a floor plan of the Building. It is the non-existent Ashtown Lodge, a former extension of the house, which had transformed the building into a castle.

It is unknown when the castle was built. It is considered certain that it existed in the early 17th century. It is believed that the complex was built at a time when King Henry VI proclaimed a statute, which said that every castle, which meets a Minimum of requirements, was promoted with ten pounds.

The construction of the roof suggests that it was rebuilt and modified in the 17th century. It is known that in 1641 John Connell, better known as John of Ashtown, was the owner of the estate, which at the time included 200 Acres and was worth around 200 pounds.

In 1751, the first works of the Ashtown Lodge followed, which was modernized and expanded from 1774. From 1782 onwards, the Under Secretary for Ireland resided here.

From 1922 to 1929, the property served as a embassy for the United States. This was then transferred to the estate Deerfield. However, the use as a message remained for the time being: The Apostolic Nuncio, the diplomatic representative of the Vatican, took advantage of Ashtown Castle to 1978. Up to the restoration in 1989, the building was in poor structural condition, was the main, among other things, a use by the Taoiseach, the Irish government top, discussed. However, apart from the old, then restored castle core, the Lodge was demolished.