Athassel Priory

Athassel Priory


Location: 8 km (5 mi ) West of Coshel, County Tipperary Map

Open: daily


The Athassel Priory (Irish Áth Iseal, "low ford") is the most extensive and oldest monastery complex in the Republic of Ireland. It is located in County Tipperary, off the tourist routes, but is to be developed for tourism.

The Augustinian Canons Regular monastery was founded by William fitzAdelm de Burgo in the late 12th century. The buildings date almost exclusively from the 13th century and have only been slightly altered during later repairs. In 1319 and 1329 Irish troops destroyed the monastery because the Anglo-Norman de Burgo family supported the monks. However, the reconstruction did not lead to major changes. However, further destruction in 1447 led to the decline of the monastery, as apparently the roof of the church was not rebuilt.

Structure and arrangement of the monastery buildings are committed to the style of the Cistercian monasteries. This is particularly evident in the rectangular choir, the chapter room, the transept chapels and the dormitory with dormitory stairs. A finely crafted portal to the south refectory is well preserved. The cloister, however, has been largely destroyed and the once thriving urban settlement in front of the monastery has also disappeared.

In 2004, the 800-year-old monastery complex was added to the World Monuments Fund's list of the 100 most endangered cultural monuments. From 2009, substance-preserving renovation measures will take place.